What are the Meat-Free Market Trends & Developments? Join the Meat-Free Summit!

If you are interested in new trends on the growth of the meat-free industry, and the challenges to accelerate consumer uptake and market demand in retail, food service and other channels, you should attend the Meat-Free Summit. This summit will take place within the framework of the 14th Plant-Based Foods Summit Europe 2019, 2-4 October in Lille, France.

The Meat-Free Summit will bring together the best insights from industry leaders in business & markets. New insights to validate corporate business, consumer, retailing, and marketing strategies. Network with C-level Leaders from food, meat-free, meat, and other innovative companies. Talk trends on the growth of the industry, and the challenges to accelerate consumer uptake and market demand in retail, food service and other channels.

Who should attend?

Retailers, Food Brands, Food Manufacturing, Food Ingredients Brands, Research & Market Insight Experts, and VC’s with a focus on plant-based foods.

Which job functions?

CEO’s, CMO’s, CSO’s, CIO’s

Winning Consumer Products – Take 7 Strategies

#1 One Voice
#2 Building the Category
#3 Differentiate …?!
#4 Beyond Meat …
#5 Getting the Value Chain Right
#6 Connecting the Climate & Sustainability Dots
#7 Nutritional & Health Advantages

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About the 14th Plant-Based Foods Summit (2-4 October, Lille, France)
Fantastic plant-based foods networking platform
Target audience: Food Industry, Protein Ingredients, Technology & Research
5-in-1 Summit:
– Meat-Free Summit – Winning Consumer Products
– Dairy-Free Summit –  Winning Consumer Categories
– Plant Protein Purchasing Summit – Winning Value Chains
– New Plant-Protein Ingredients Summit – Winning New Propositions
– Plant-Based Start-Ups & VC Summit – Winning Business Concepts
Participation: 500+ experts. Exhibition: 50 places.

This unique Summit will enable brands to validate their strategies and develop new opportunities with key partners, retailers, food service channels, food brands, food ingredients companies, processing technology companies, and research leaders.

The Key Business Questions are:

– What is the opportunity for new plant-based foods from a consumer, retailing, nutrition and food processing point of view?

– Which are future directions for new plant-protein ingredients from a user, supply, food, processing, sustainability, and value chain perspective?

Top 5 Plant-Based Foods Summit Objectives

Join this unique Summit and capitalize on below fantastic opportunities to advance and accelerate for a better food world.

1. Growing the best Industry Platform for the Plant-Based Foods industry in Europe
2. Enabling (Plant-Based) Food, Food Ingredient Companies, and all players to validate business strategies with best-in-class market and business insights
3. Be the best place for business, project development & project calls in plant-based foods
4. Assisting SME companies with route to market and market access & defining the gaps for business
5. Growing the global Plant-Based Foods Ecosystem for business and innovation