What are the Dairy-Free Market Trends & Developments? Join the Dairy-Free Summit!

If you are interested in new trends on the growth of the dairy-free industry, and the challenges to accelerate consumer uptake and market demand in retail, food service and other channels, you should attend the Dairy-Free Summit. This summit will take place within the framework of the 14th Plant-Based Foods Summit Europe 2019, 2-4 October in Lille, France.

The Dairy-Free Summit creates:
1. A new Platform for Brands in the Dairy-Free Industry
2. New Collaborations Opportunities
3. New Insights in Consumer Trends, Market and Business Developments

Your Benefits:
1. The Best place to Validate your Business Strategies
2. Network with C-level Business Leaders
3. Gain New Insights in the Dairy-Free Industry

C-Leaders from Retailers, Food Brands, Food Manufacturing, Food Ingredient Brands, and VC’s. Brands like: Alpro, ENSA, Nestle, Sojasun / Triballat, Nutrition & Sante, Liquats Vegetal, Hain Celestial, Amidori, and many others

Your Summit Take-Homes: Winning Consumer Categories
#1 One Voice
#2 Building the Category
#3 Differentiate …?!
#4 Beyond Milk…
#5 Getting the Value Chain Right
#6 Connecting the Climate & Sustainability Dots
#7 Nutritional & Health Advantages

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About the 14th Plant-Based Foods Summit (2-4 October, Lille, France)

This Summit is a key and unique opportunity to: Validate, Develop & Execute your Business & Innovation Strategies:

  • What is the opportunity for new plant-based foods from a consumer, retailing, nutrition and food processing point of view?
  • What are the future directions for new plant-protein ingredients from a user, supply, food, processing, sustainability, and value chain perspective?

Your Benefits

  • Top ratings: Insights 8.0 – Networking 8.8 – Bridge2Food 8.8
  • Special 5-in-1 Summit: Meat-Free | Dairy-Free | Plant Protein Purchasing | Plant Protein Ingredients | Plant-Based Start-Ups & VC
  • 500+ Delegates welcome you to an elite global plant-based foods eco-system
  • 30+ Networking Hours
  • Unique Innovation Tours to Innovation Centre of plant-protein industry leader Roquette & Village by CA Eco-System
  • 3 Networking Receptions & Summit Dinner
  • 65+ Speakers
  • 50+ Exhibitors

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