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Vegetal Flakes wins Best New Ingredient Award

“Winning the Most Novel Protein Ingredient Award is the recognition of the concerted effort of our highly motivated expert Team in providing the world with affordable, tasty, and complete vegetal protein alternatives for the daily food consumption of all consumer categories. We are looking forward to work with everyone, for a healthy future.” János-István Petrusán Drs., Head of R&D and Product Management, IGV GmbH Germany.

The pea-protein extrudates are ingredients for various end-product industries: ProteinFLAKES, ProteinCRISPIES and ProteinNUGGETS. The basic products are applicable very differently in the end products. For example, the ProteinFLAKES can be used for mueslis as well as in the meat surrogates. At the end, you have the final products “high-protein-muesli” or “roasted meatballs”, “Burger-Patty”, “cooked meatballs” or readily prepared premix for home cooking meatballs. The ingredients are being already used also in the beverages industries: as high protein shakes, smoothies, but also in the dairy industry in the yoghurt segment, as cereal substitutes.

Extracts from microalgae find a broader application range and are used as ingredients applied in pea-based food formulations. The proteins and special amino acid ratios obtained from algae still have a huge future potential which remained up to now partially disregarded, but IGV complemented its pea-based protein ingredients with tailored amino acid fractions from microalgae, offering thus a complete protein product for different consumer groups.

Judge, Dr Cindy Gerhardt, Director of Operations, DSM Biotechnology Centre said: “The judges unanimously voted for IGV GmbH. The Vegetal Flakes combine strong consumer benefits with innovative protein processing technology which is of great benefit to food manufacturers.”