The Protein Challenge 2040

From our partner Forum for the Future:

What can we do today to create the protein system of the future?

The Protein Challenge 2040 has set out to address this question head-on. It is the first global coalition exploring how we can feed nine billion people enough protein in a way which is affordable, healthy and good for the environment.

The initiative is led by a dynamic partnership of group of retailers, food companies, feed ingredients and NGOs, including Ahold Delhaize, Evonik, Firmenich, Hershey, Quorn, Seeding the Future, Target, Volac, Waitrose and WWF.

In consultation with key stakeholders across the industry, we have designed six pilot projects across three innovation areas, to drive interventions and solutions across the protein system.

Our latest report Shaping the Future of Protein sets these projects out in detail.

Learn about our work on building demand for plant-based protein with consumers and addressing future protein in animal feed, and other innovative projects to accelerate change towards a more sustainable and accessible protein system. We are looking for others across the protein system interested in contributing resources and expertise to take action together. If you would like to find out how to get involved in this international collaboration project, please contact Simon Billing or join his presentation on day two of the Bridge2Food 10th Protein Summit 2017.

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