The Launch of Helio – Valuation of SME brands & distribution

Helio is the new Circle-Up Consumer Business Graph, a web of machine learning algorithms and data sets that proactively collect and analyze disparate pieces of data to understand the story of each consumer small business, predict its success, and deliver insights on the entire market. Helio is based on hundreds of data sources (some public, some proprietary), billions of data points and many algorithms, with more being built. It demonstrates network effects—the predictive power grows as we add more data.

Helio empowers investors to transition away from a reliance on gut and hype, and towards data-driven evidence and deep insights. It spots under-the-radar investment opportunities and trends that otherwise go unnoticed. It can intelligently map the right opportunities to the right investors—before one even knows the other exists. Ryan Caldbeck, CEO at CircleUp, believes Helio is the foundation for a robust, technology-driven private capital market. Read on more here.