The Future of Plant Protein Processing. Frank Hrach (ST Equipment & technology) shares his views

Frank Hrach, Engineering Manager at ST Equipment & Technology USA will be presenting the talk “Protein Enhancement by Water-free Electrostatic Processing” at Track III: New Ingredients and Processing Technologies during the Bridge2Food Virtual 15th Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit North America 2020 (June 22-26). Frank shares his insights on protein processing.

What can you tell us about the content of your presentation and your experiences?

We will be sharing part of the R&D work we have done so far on concentration of plant proteins via our dry tribo-electrostatic process. Currently there are techniques that can be used to concentrate protein both via dry and wet processes, but we often hear from our customers that dry processing is preferred. This is because of better protein functionality, lower cost, and due to sustainability goals set by our clients (reduction of water, waste and energy consumption).

 What is your latest innovation? 

We have recently discovered an improved process for preparation of sunflower meals for feeding to our tribo-electrostatic separator. By modifying and optimizing feed milling and drying upstream of our separator, we increased the yield of hi-pro sunflower meal by more than 15% absolute, and reduced energy consumption in feed preparation by 55%.

What do you think of the new virtual conference platform?

I have been attending Bridge2Food summits for the past few years. This year is unprecedented as a lot of companies face shortage of new prospects due to lockdown caused by COVID-19 and the inability to meet existing and new potential customers face to face. We hope that the virtual platform allows everyone to continue learning from others and generate new business opportunities and just like the regular conference brings together a very broad range of knowledge and expertise. In a short term it will not replace meeting face to face and good old handshake, but it could become the new “normal”.

How do you see the future of plant protein processing?

As a feed and food industry professional, I am glad to be working in a field which helps to feed the world population. I believe more and more Food production companies will be looking for short processing chains. Most of the processing technologies used today are used already for decades with just minor improvements. This means that new R&D will need to be launched by both public and private entities. Technology suppliers will have to come up with more efficient, cost effective and simpler processing lines as consumers will continuously demand higher quality, safe and sustainable products.

About the speaker

Frank Hrach is Vice President, Process Engineering for ST Equipment & Technology LLC (STET). Mr. Hrach joined Separation Technologies in 1995 and brings over 25 years of experience in research & development, design & construction, and operation of specialty chemical, material handling, and high temperature combustion processes.

Mr. Hrach is a 1984/1985 graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering Practice.

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June 22 – Track I – State of the Pulse Industry & Canadian EcoSystem
June 23 – Track II – Research & Innovation in the Value Chain
June 24 – Track III – New Ingredients & Processing Technologies
June 25 – Track IV – New Applications & Formulations
June 25 – Track V – Virtual Exhibition & Business Meetings
June 26 – Track VI – Plant-Based Foods Industry & Value Chain

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