The 13th plant-based foods summit, 3-5 June, Calgary, Canada

The 13th plant-based foods summit will be held in Calgary:

Calgary is ideally positioned at the forefront of an industry that’s critical to the Alberta and Canadian economies and is poised to become a global leader in addressing global food challenges.


A crop above the rest: Agriculture has been a staple of Alberta’s economy for well over a century. With proximity to high-value land, access to distribution channels and a focus on innovation, Calgary is a center for agribusiness in the province. The sector continues to evolve thanks to an established strength in food processing, smart agriculture, specialized research and training and the growth of niche crops. Multinational industry leaders including BASF, Bayer Crop Science, Nutrien and Corteva choose to Calgary home, but the city is also seeing the growth of firms that are disrupting the sector such as Enterra, Deepwater Farms, and Rocky Mountain Shrimp Farm.

Companies and entrepreneurs have access to a world-class agribusiness environment that supports the development and scaling of new technologies designed to drive innovation in smart agri-food production. Contact David Ghoris, Calgary Economic Development to learn more about the opportunities to grow your business in Calgary.