Sustainability of the Pulse Value Chain as a Major Future Agri-Food Industry Challenge

Denis Trémorin, Director Sustainability at Pulse Canada will be presenting the talk “Life Cycle Analysis & Sustainability of Pulses” at Track III: New Ingredients and Processing Technologies during the Bridge2Food Virtual 15th Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit North America 2020 (June 22-26). Denis will discuss about the sustainability of the pulse value chain as a major future agri-food industry challenge.

What can you tell us about your presentation at the Virtual Summit?

The presentation will focus on a project concept for the Global Plant-Based Foods Ecosystem. The project is focused on assessing the environmental impacts of plant-based foods utilizing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). A key component of this project will be developing a database structure for an inventory of life cycle data, representing data from agricultural production and the processing of ingredients.

There’s a lot of interest across the food industry in sustainability, what do you think is the biggest missing piece of the picture?

Methods for assessing environmental sustainability are relatively robust, and have been standardized through ISO. What remains as a major limitation is the lack of robust data sets representing different crops, ingredients and growing regions for crops. Developing and populating these databases will enable companies, governments and researchers to conduct meaningful environmental assessments of new plant-based foods, ingredients and diets.

How is Pulse Canada working to improve our understanding of the sustainability of pulses?

Pulse Canada is focusing on the development of comprehensive datasets which represent Canadian growing conditions and practices for Canadian pulses. This work has started with the development of a dataset for dry peas and lentils. This Canadian data will be used in the Global Plant-Based Foods Ecosystem LCA project. Pulse Canada is also investigating the environmental and nutritional benefits that pulse ingredients can have when used in reformulated food products.

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How do you expect food and ingredient manufacturers to be able to use the results of this work in the future?

Along with taste, nutrition and functionality, sustainability has become an attribute which food and ingredient manufacturers must consider. In order to achieve corporate goals around sustainability, companies are already assessing the environmental impact of existing and potential new products. Increasing the quality and availability of data for pulses will help demonstrate the real potential of pulses to reduce environmental impacts of foods and diets around the world.

About the Speaker

Denis is Director of Sustainability at Pulse Canada and is a Professional Agrologist with 14 years of experience. Denis received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Agroecology and Soil Science from the University of Manitoba. Denis works within a team at Pulse Canada which focuses on gaining recognition of pulses as healthy, nutritious and sustainable foods. His role explores the role that pulses can have in improving the environmental sustainability of the food system, in particular the role that pulses can have in improving foods through reformulation. Denis has also worked on environmental metrics that apply to Canadian cropping systems, and is exploring how these metrics and the use of local and farm-based data can help to assess the sustainability of foods.

Pulse Canada will be welcoming visitors at its virtual booth to chat and answer all questions. Join us too!

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