Plant-Based Foods & Proteins EcoSystem

1 June 2019-31 December 2030,
Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Americas

Partnerships for the Global Protein Transition

Why attend

7 Reasons to Be an EcoSystem Partner

  1. Be Part of Something Bigger
    You can join leading food brands, ingredient & process technology companies, research institutes, universities, grower associations and breeders who are all working together toward a better future with plant-based foods.
  2. R&D Road Mapping
    Partners are building a research & development agenda for 2025. What are the areas to invest in to accelerate the protein transition with breeding, technology, sustainability, nutrition and diets?
  3. Share Your Expertise
    Partners take what they learn back to their organisation leaders in areas such as research, development, quality, sustainability and innovation. Your colleagues can then develop working groups or even new ecosystems in their areas of expertise.
  4. Build Your Global Network
    The EcoSystem features, on a monthly basis, a unique insiders’ look and an opportunity to connect with regional plant-based ecosystems from Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.
  5. Collaborate on Industry Challenges
    Partners work in teams on open, collaborative challenges in areas such as taste & texture, nutrition, product conformity and sustainability. You might have advice for the current vegan cheese and meat-free challenges or want to lead the 3-D printing challenge we are looking to launch in 2022. The challenges operate in the pre-competitive space, and have concrete actions, deliverables and outcomes.
  6. Validate Your Key Strategies
    The dynamics of the plant-based food industry are rapidly evolving. The EcoSystem is an easy and convenient way for you to validate various research, development, innovation, business or sustainability strategies you are working on. And, of course, you should suggest areas where you are open for collaborative work with EcoSystem partners.
  7. Grow the Plant-Based Pie
    Since it started in 2019, the EcoSystem has seen many new 1-on-1 business relationships develop, alongside all the collaborative work. The bi-monthly EcoSystem meetings make networking simple, build trust and create new business.Connect to join the EcoSystem