Plant-Based Foods & Proteins EcoSystem

1 June 2019-31 December 2030,
Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Americas

Partnerships for the Global Protein Transition


Food Brands

Food Ingredient Brands

Processing Technology Brands

Research Institutes


Analytical, Industry & Innovation Associations, Breeders



How the EcoSystem Works

1. Partners: Goal & Results Driven
Current EcoSystem partners are often working in more than one country, are actively involved in plant-based foods, ingredients, technology or research, have a clear goal, and have access to a budget for innovation or research work.

2. Leaders in the EcoSystem
The EcoSystem is a network of experts who have been invited to join based on their position in their organisation and on their leadership skills. These experts have a senior role, are proactive, want to do big, impactful thinking, and are willing to invest time in the EcoSystem.

3. Personal & Organisational Goals
Each partnership starts with setting personal and organisational goals together, discussing any challenges, and outlining any specific requirements of the organisation. This is followed by a personal review six months later and a full evaluation at year-end. We take care of each partner individually.

4. Organisation-Wide Impact
The EcoSystem partnership is not limited to one person in your organisation. Various leaders can participate in challenges and projects (e.g. your colleagues may wish to work on challenges related to taste & texture, nutrition, product conformity and sustainability.)

5. The EcoSystem Agenda
The EcoSystem meets online bi-monthly. We discuss the plant-based foods & proteins challenges, new research ideas, new ingredients & technologies, and regional ecosystems. The challenge teams also meet separately in smaller groups. Partners are sent weekly updates.

6. Share Your Expertise
Once each year partners can showcase their new food product, ingredient, technology or research work at an EcoSystem meeting. This is one of the best times to let your partners know where you are open to collaborating with them. Partners can also start, join and participate in one or more of the challenges.

7. Guidance and Business Support
Partners can receive personal advice in networking, ecosystem development, partnerships, development, upscaling or marketing to expand their business and research activities inside or outside the EcoSystem.

8. The EcoSystem Principles
The Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Industry EcoSystem is a non-competitive partnership organisation. Partners agree to respect and comply with EU and North-American anti-trust rules, as well as the Chatham House Rule and its rules of conduct.


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