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Staying ahead of the competition with sports nutrition supplements



Traditionally the domain of professional athletes and weightlifters, sports nutrition has seen its audience expand in recent years to include a growing number of health-conscious consumers. This mainstream appeal is, in part, thanks to global events, such as the Olympics, urban marathons and triathlon events, which have shone a spotlight on sport. In addition, the rising interest in fitness and body image has enabled specialist brands to reposition themselves on a healthy living platform. Consumers with a casual fitness lifestyle now outnumber professional athletes and with conventional retailers increasingly devoting shelf space to sports nutrition products, the sector’s growth shows no signs of slowing down. Sports nutrition products come in a range of forms, including functional food, energy drinks and food supplements, and as more consumers endeavor to adopt an active lifestyle, global salesof such products are forecast to increase exponentially. According to a recent report, in 2020, the sports nutrition market will be worth US$ 52.55 billion, a significant increase compared to reported sales of US$ 29.74 billion in 20131. Historically, the sector has been dominated by protein powders and bars; however, manufacturers are increasingly recognizing the innovation and commercial opportunities of supplements. In order to diversify their offering and attract and retain customers,marketing companies are accelerating their R&D programs to create high-quality products with proven benefits.

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