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Saturo Foods launches Saturo RTD – one bottle, one meal

Saturo RTD food

Saturo is a Finalist in the Best New Sports Nutrition Beverage category of the Bridge2Food Sports & Active Nutrition Awards 2017. The other finalists in this category are:

Limited Labs for

Ovobest for NOVO-X Liquid Protein Boost 60

Saturo Foods launches Saturo RTD food – One bottle, one meal. Saturo replaces any meal.

One 500ml bottle Saturo contains 25% of daily balanced nutrition (i.e., carbohydrates, protein, lipids, fiber, vitamins & minerals) with 500kcal and staves off hunger for more than 3 hours. It achieves a low glycemic index by adding isomaltulose which prevents the well known “food coma” after having eaten. Saturo is easy to digest and consequently ideal to drink before an endurance exercise.

Saturo Original is produced without any additional sugar or sweetener which was only possible by subtly fine tuning the different flavours of the highest quality ingredients. Furthermore, Saturo is easy to store as no refrigeration is required. Thus, it is always available when needed.

Saturo is ideal for endurance sports. It provides long lasting energy and can be consumed just before exercise. It is ideal for people with high demand in protein, but Saturo provides balanced nutrition instead of focusing solely on one ingredient (e.g., protein).

Saturo is also the healthy alternative to fast food. It is available whenever needed and provides a balanced meal with one bottle.

The winners will be announced next week at the 7th Sports & Active Nutrition Summit in the Netherlands.