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RTD Ketones from Limited Labs (US)


Limited Labs is a finalist in the Best New Sports Nutrition Beverage category of the Bridge2Food Sports & Active Nutrition Awards 2017. The other finalists in this category are:

Saturo Foods for Saturo RTD food

Ovobest for NOVO-X Liquid Protein Boost 60

US based, Limited Labs has launced, a first RTD form of exogenous ketones.

People who are trying to achieve nutritional ketosis are choosing to do so because of the clean energy felt from burning ketones, and the ability to lose substantial amounts of weight more effectively than many other diets.

This RTD is in the exogenous ketone segment. The main active ingredient is beta-hydroxybutyrate as goBHB(R). Functional products like are able to help sustain energy levels without getting hangry, while also supporting fat loss.

Not only are our flavors good, they’re all natural. A collaboration with Wild Flavors has created three citrus-infused flavors (Orange Mango, Cucumber Lime, and Strawberry Lemonade) that are light, refreshing, and have a smooth mouth feel that creates a truly impressive tasting experience. Colors and sweeteners are also – all natural.

The winners of the Bridge2Food Sports & Active Nutrition Awards 2017 will be announced at the 7th Sports & Active Nutrition Summit in the Netherlands next week.