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Quo vadis winners 2016 Sports & Active Nutrition Awards?

Join the best when you sign up for the Awards! The 2016 Winners share their feedback about the importance of the awards.

Best New Category Development  Winner: Balls Bars Bites
Karen Nation, Founder Food Creation Nation, said, “I was excited to win Best New Category Development for Balls Bars Bites! As an entrepreneur, it is very encouraging when professionals in your field honour you with an award. One of the benefits of this recognition is how it opens doors to opportunities. The support and validation is incredibly important especially when innovating a new category and launching a new brand. Bridge2Food produces a first-class conference for market-insight and networking, so I also had a fantastic time making friends and discussing business. Can’t wait to go again next year!”

Highly Commended Category Development for Marketing Excellence: FITSHE After Workout Shake
What gaining recognition in awards meant to you and the impact on your business? Carolien Glasbergen, Owner of FITSHE, added: “As the award is given out by industry leaders with deep knowledge in the field FITSHE is operating in, receiving the recognition is even more special. For FITSHE and for me personally it was great to feel we we are seen and recognized by our peers and this gave a lot of motivation to pursue.”

How your business is growing / any new developments? “We are doing really good, developing new products and planning to expand soon.”

Why you would recommend entering the awards? “It is a great way to stand out from the crowd and to position your (new) company, and from there its a great start to build a valuable network amongst industry leaders.”

Highly Commended Category Development for Technical Excellence: Family Foods
What gaining recognition in awards meant to you and the impact on your business? Andrew Thain, Director at Family Foods, comments: “As a new company, the recognition in the awards had a immediate impact on the company. It really helped raise our company profile and introduced us to new market opportunities.”

How your business is growing / any new developments? “Family Foods has an exciting range extension taking place in April. We will have what we consider to be the most advanced hydration drink in the market!”

Why you would recommend entering the awards? “It really helps raise the profile of your business across the industry and showcase your new innovation around the world. This is coupled with the first class social media coverage you receive from the team at Bridge2Food.”


Most Novel Ingredient Winner: Roquette with NUTRALYS S85 Plus
What winning the award has meant to Roquette? “This award is a great recognition of all the work achieved by the Roquette teams, according to Marie Blondel, Marketing Manager EMEA at Roquette. It reassured us that we are working in the right direction, proposing high quality ingredients in line with consumer expectations. Indeed, NUTRALYS® pea proteins meet consumer trends; environmentally-friendly, non-GMO, suitable for vegetarian, flexitarian, providing great nutrition & safety… and also customer’s needs, when food manufacturers look for plant-based and reliable ingredients. NUTRALYS® S85 Plus is meeting all these needs, plus its high quality makes it the most adapted ingredient for very demanding consumers.”

How your business is growing / any new developments? “The specific features of NUTRALYS® S85 Plus are of major interest for our customers, and also for those who are not yet customers! Today, different products containing NUTRALYS® S85 Plus are already on the market, especially in the Specialized Nutrition field: high protein powder drink, high protein fruit dessert, rusks… And several others are to come!”

What impact winning the award has had on Roquette? “Awarding the efforts that were made by all Roquette departments while working on this project motivates us even more to go on innovating. It was also an opportunity to get an important visibility on the market. Indeed, we had a lot of contacts following this award, which led to a lot of interesting development projects.”

Why you would recommend entering the awards? “The nutritional and functional benefits of our solutions, as well as the fit with market needs were recognized by a 3rd party, Bridge2food, a leading networking provider for the food & nutrition industry professionals. It is something that is very valuable for customers. It means something.”