Protein Pow Packs A Punch as Whey Protein Cooking Mix

PROTEIN-POW-Whey cooking mixProtein Pow’s new All-Purpose Whey and Pea Protein Cooking Mixes provide the perfect blend of nutritious ingredients to create personalised protein foods in just a few easy steps says Daniel Hoare of Protein Pow. The consumer can make healthy, natural protein and functional foods in a few easy steps that cater to their own lifestyle whether that be Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, NON-GMO, Soy-Free, Natural or Carnivorous.

The Protein Pow brand is dedicated to education, whether that be through the thousands of free healthy protein recipes online at or the powerful message it continuously promotes throughout the industry.

The Protein Pow All Purpose Cooking Mixes come bagged in a powdered form. Consumers have complete flexibility, whether making their own protein foods such as protein bars, truffles and cakes, creating a high protein porridge or savoury protein foods such as pizza bases and vegetarian burgers.

Protein Pow has been nominated for a Bridge2Food 2016 Protein Award.