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Protein Management: An important piece of the puzzle

Protein Management

From our media partner Nutraceuticals Now:

High-protein diets are one of the biggest nutritional trends. In turn, protein-enriched products increasingly become an attractive way for many food manufacturers to extend their portfolio. But protein management is a complex affair: increased protein content can influence the texture, stability, taste, and processing properties of a product. Ingredients experts like ICL Food Specialties provide customized solutions that help manufacturers balance the multitude of requirements.

According to the 2015 study “How the World Buys its Protein,” protein enjoys enormous popularity in the Western world. The average Western consumer takes in 50 grams of protein a day in the form of prepared foods and soft drinks alone; the global average is 19 grams. High-protein diets have become mainstream and several large manufacturers are responding to the trend with  protein-enhanced versions of their products.

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