ProFuture Project: Shaping the Future of Microalgae Proteins

Bridge2Food is proud to be a partner of H2020 ProFuture, a 4-years European-funded research project focused on boosting the production and use of microalgae protein-rich ingredients in food and feed. This would solve the problem of covering a 70% increase in food production by 2050 while protecting the environment.

ProFuture aims to:
> Make microalgae cultivation more efficient, sustainable and affordable
> Improve the production of protein-rich ingredients from microalgae biomasses.
> Create nutritious and tasty foods and feeds using microalgae proteins
> Scale-up production and seize the market for microalgae-based foods and feeds.

Bridge2Food will be involved in the dissemination and communication action plan in an effort to build awareness among the food industry. Our role is closely aligned with the vision of Bridge2Food to accelerate and advance for a better food world, as well as the Global Plant-Based Foods EcoSystem.

The project follows a multilevel strategy from a lab to a large scale, where 31 partners led by IRTA are working together to optimize the microalgae supply chain from cultivation to plate. (In the LinkedIn message I could add tags of all partners)

Learn more about the ProFuture project here and visit its page on LinkedIn

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