EverPro is perfect for plant-based milks, sports and nutrition drinks

EverGrain creates high-nutrition, low-carbon plant-based proteins by upcycling the barley that is ”spent” – or, as we say, “saved” – from our brewing process.

EverGrain coffee-teaIts first product, EverPro, is a soluble plant-protein isolate that is optimal for plant-based milks, sports and nutrition drinks because of its functional performance and ability to let the delicious flavor and smooth texture shine.

Want to learn more? Visit www.barley-protein.com

You can meet the EverGrain experts at Bridge2Food‘s Plant-Based Foods & Protein’s Summit Europe, 21-23 June in the Netherlands.

On the afternoon of 22 June, Steffen Munch, Global Senior Director R&D, will be speaking about “Barley Proteins & Fiber for New, Most Sustainable and Tasty Applications.”

Summit information here.

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