Plant-Based Foods & Proteins EcoSystem advisory board: Denis Chéreau

We are honored to introduce Denis Chéreau, CEO of IMPROVE, as a member of the advisory board for the Bridge2Food Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Ecosystem.

We spoke with Denis about why he joined the EcoSystem and how it has helped IMPROVE to move forward in the alternative protein space.

Why are you part of the advisory board?

After 10 years of participation at Bridge2Food protein events it is key for IMPROVE to support this initiative in order to keep the moment of plant-based protein ingredient development at the highest level.

Why is your organisation a partner?

Because the Bridge2Food ecosystem is the most dynamic network in the world around plant-based protein.

What do you think the EcoSystem can do for others in the field?

It can bring information, connections and generate partnerships. It has been a major opportunity for members to stay connected and to move forward during Covid.

 About Denis Chereau
Denis holds a PhD in microbiology on the production of single-cell protein by solid state fermentation. He participated in the Lyven SAS startup, a company that specialized in enzymes production for food and feed applications. He then worked in the starch industry as technical and plant manager in France and the USA in wheat and corn plants before joining SAS IMPROVE.

About the EcoSystem
More than 300 industry leaders from 110+ organisations have partnered since 2019 in Bridge2Food‘s Plant-Based Foods & Proteins EcoSystem to accelerate the transition towards more plant-based diets, with better foods produced in a sustainable way, as well as to increase food security with an abundant supply of proteins for food, feed and pet food markets.

Innovation, research & development leaders from food brands, ingredient & processing companies, institutes, universities, grower associations and breeders collaborate on such a future with concrete actions, deliverables and outcomes. To be involved in the EcoSystem and to join our bimonthly meetings, you can connect here. To learn more about the EcoSystem, please have a look at the website page or the Showcase page.

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