New Ingredient Sources: Mycoprotein. Jim Laird (3F BIO)


Jim Laird, co-founder and CEO of 3F BIO, will be presenting the talk: “New Ingredient Sources: Mycoprotein” at the 3rd Plant-Based Foods Course, 14-16 October, Las Vegas (USA). 3F BIO is a biotechnology company who aim to make the most sustainable source of food protein.  3F BIO’s purpose to make protein sustainable is achieved using natural processes and a zero-waste scalable process that makes protein which is sustainable both economically and environmentally.

What is your role in the Course and the position in your organisation?

I am passionately excited by the opportunity to reduce the reliance on using livestock to meet the growing global demand for high quality protein.  As a co-founder and CEO of 3F BIO, our role in the Course is to demonstrate the versatility of ABUNDA mycoprotein across a range of categories and applications.

What can you tell us about the content of your presentation and your experiences?

Mycoprotein is a high quality source of protein and fiber that is made by a single stage fermentation process and with applications as a meat alternative, a meat hybrid or more broadly as a protein ingredient.  My presentation will provide an overview of the functional attributes and explain our B2B business model and desire for collaboration to accelerate the pace of adoption of plant based proteins.

What do you hope will be the outcome of this Course?

From a personal perspective we want to extend and strengthen the commercial discussions to further validate the level of offtake demand relating to our first production from mid 2021. From an industry perspective, we want to help support and accelerate the adoption of plant based proteins.

What is a key life and or work learning which you picked up from a friend, colleague, family member, boss etc?

The advice I had from a colleague from almost 25 years was “Smell the roses along the way”.  I love this advice because whilst there will be challenges and obstacles, I think it’s vital to enjoy what you’re doing and to take time to celebrate successes.

What is your role in the protein transition?

We want to make the most sustainable and scalable source of high quality food protein.  The scalability challenge is one of the biggest issues for plant based protein.  In the next decade, global demand will grow at 1M tonnes per year, and there are few technologies or solutions to meet this demand.

Which eco-systems for protein research exist in your view? And what is their power?

The EU’s Bio Based Industries are a great example of leadership in encouraging new bio based solutions.  In the last 5 years they have enabled more than 100 projects.  For protein, finding efficient bio based solutions is the optimum way of ensuring efficient resource efficiency and providing scalable solutions.

How does your ‘moonshot’ regarding the protein transition look like?

Due to the urgency in finding environmentally sustainable solutions, we don’t believe in the moonshot concept.  We believe biotechnology solutions already exist as a scalable solution, and to address the time pressure we need to use today’s technology solutions.

How do you see the plant-based food market growing?

Plant based food currently represents <1 % of the market, but with growth at >15% in comparison to meat and livestock at 1-2% it is the most exciting part of the market.  Plant based foods is a core component of future global nutrition requirements and whilst we fully believe in the need for a rich and diverse range of food solutions, at the same time we champion disruption in the market by creating food that “tastes the same or better and costs the same or less than the livestock alternative”.

What is the main purpose of your company in the food industry?

3F BIO’s purpose is to make protein which is sustainable both economically and environmentally using natural processes and a zero-waste scalable process.  We believe that ABUNDA mycoprotein helps or B2B customers to make foods that we already enjoy, and which taste the same or better and costs the same or less than the livestock alternative.

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