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NOVO-X Liquid Protein Boost 60 – egg protein based RTD from OVOBEST

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NOVO-X Liquid Protein Boost 60 is a finalist in the Best New Sports Nutrition Beverage category of the Bridge2Food 2017 Sports & Active Nutrition Awards. The other finalists in this category are:

Saturo Foods for Saturo RTD food

Limited Labs for

NOVO-X Liquid Protein Boost 60 from Germany is the first ambient stable, ready-to-use protein drink based on egg protein exclusively.

A 300 ml Tetra Pak comes with 60g of pure and natural egg protein. This drink has the double amount of protein in comparison to common ready-to-use protein drinks based on milk or whey. In addition, it can be stored at ambient temperature for six months.The Liquid Protein Boost is for those that appreciate a natural and high quality protein drink made in Germany. The NOVO-X Liquid Protein Boost made from egg white is completely free from carbohydrates and fat. Egg is known as one of the best protein sources with highest bioavailability.

The Liquid Protein Boost contains short peptides to long proteins for short term and long lasting protein nourishment throughout day! With 60 g of protein and 10.4 g of natural BCAA per portion the Liquid Protein Boost perfectly fits to the protein demand of musculus sports people, ketogenic people and to everyone who are doing sports to maintain and increase their muscle mass.

The secret of the NOVO-X Liquid Protein Boost is the special egg treatment to reduce not only the naturally occurring salt content but also the typical soapy and egg-like off-flavor. Liquid Protein Boosts Creamy-Orange, Cherry and Lemon bring color and flavor in your daily protein diet in combination with secondary plant metabolites like curumin from curcuma and lycopene from tomato.

The NOVO-X Liquid Protein Boost 60 is the perfect protein drink for everyone to go, after workout or as snack in between. As the one and only ready-to-use protein drink only based on egg white protein its free from lactose, gluten and carbohydrates and fits to all people having a healthy and active lifestyle!

The winners of the Bridge2Food 2017 Sports & Active Nutrition Awards will be announced at the 7th Sports & Active Nutrition Summit in the Netherlands next week.