New Texture Solutions for Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives. Jaap Harkema (Avebe)

Jaap Harkema, Marketing Manager at Avebe will give a presentation at the 3rd Plant-Based Foods Course about new texture solutions for plant-based dairy alternatives.

“Manufacturers face many texture challenges when developing new plant-based dairy products: watery mouthfeel, lack of whiteness, emulsion stability, lack of creaminess, grittiness, inadequate melt & stretch etc. With the help of innovative solutions based on potato proteins and starches these challenges can be overcome”, he explains

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About the 3rd Plant-Based Foods Course, 14-16 Oct., Las Vegas (USA)

The Course “Plant-Based Foods” is designed to give participants a theoretical and practical overview of best innovations in meat-free, dairy-free & plant-based beverages.


  • Best Plant-Based Foods Course in class with 2 Tracks on developing the best Meat-Free & Snacks and Dairy-Free & Beverages
  • Focus presentations: Trends, New applications, New ingredients, Stabilizers, Fats & Oils, New Processing Technologies, Delivery Formats
  • Target audience: Food, Food Ingredients & Food Service Industries
  • Combining theory & practice by Plant-Based Foods Course Industry Experts
  • Participation: 150+ experts. Exhibition: 30 places

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