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New sorghum flour grinder innovation: Reducing poverty, less waste, less processing time for women


In rural areas—where most of the world’s hungry and malnourished live—women are responsible for the majority of post-harvest labor. In Sub-Saharan Africa, women produce between 60 to 80 percent of basic foodstuffs, both for home consumption and for market. Technologies reducing the drudgery and time needed to complete such tasks have an immensely positive impact on rural communities.

CTI’s Ewing grinder is an affordable, hand-operated burr mill that can produce flour from grain or a creamy paste from roasted nuts.

Our grinders are equipped with heat-treated burrs that never require sharpening and withstand long-term wear—rarely requiring replacements. They were designed to be assembled in minutes, and can be cleaned equally as quickly. Capable of making peanut butter, cocoa butter, maize or millet flour, and dozens of other products, CTI’s multi-crop grinder opens new opportunities to pursue microenterprise. Alternative enterprise opportunities are incredibly valuable, allowing families to gain an income, empowering women to participate in economic life, and contributing to food security by increasing incomes and local food production. See also:

We designed the Ewing grinder to help farming families in rural areas process crops for home consumption or for small enterprises. Our grinders:

  • Reduce the drudgery and time associated with traditional processing methods
  • Produce high-quality, value-added products
  • Provide a means for microenterprise
  • Lead to richer participation of women in economic sphere
  • Strengthen food security as a result of increased incomes and production

Ewing Grinder

CTI offers two grinder models: a lower cost hand-operated version and a motor-compatible grinder that can be powered by hand, bicycle, or motor. When you order a grinder, you receive a grinder manual, grinder training (either in-person or via Skype), and customer support via phone or email.

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