New Opportunities and Challenges for Plant-Based Proteins

Russell Ward, Partner and Graham Robinson, Research Executive with Giract, Switerland, will present the talk: “Pulse Protein Markets: Supply & Demand Insights” at the Plant-Protein Purchasing Summit to take place during the 14th Plant-Based Foods Summit Europe in Lille, France, 2-4 October 2019. They give a summary of their presentation and share their visions on the protein transition.


What can you tell us about the content of your presentation?

We will be presenting the current landscape for plant protein ingredients. This has changed over recent years, with consumer trends moving from “high-protein” to a greater focus on sustainability and nutritional value

What do you think of the program?

The programme brings together a very broad range of knowledge and expertise; there are some diverse topics covered, and it certainly looks set to provide a very interesting platform for discussing the current state of play within the plant-based food industry

Which barriers for the protein transition exist now in your society in your opinion?

Consumers will always demand quality and consistency from the products they consume; however, they are increasingly demanding nutritious, clean-label, sustainable, locally-sourced, organic/bio credentials from products. The challenge in moving to new proteins is taste, which, despite other qualities that new protein sources may have, is key to consumption. Balancing these demands with a cost effective structure is the key challenge facing the proteins industry

What is needed to raise the bar and accelerate the uptake of plant proteins in foods, petfood and aquaculture?

Cost-effective nutritional value will be key. Soy is king here; but is increasingly rejected by consumers due to concerns on deforestation and allergenic potential. As the industry gears up for other plant protein sources, the economies of scale may erode soy’s dominance

How do you see the plant-based food market growing?

Various innovative protein ingredient sources will enter the space; we are already seeing lentil protein, pumpkin seed protein, etc. However, only those that taste good and can meet nutritional/functional requirements in a cost-effective manner will persist

We are also likely to see new entrants into the protein space, particularly existing players from other areas looking to valorize protein sidestreams. This is likely to change the current market dynamic, including the protein formats available.

About Russell Ward & Graham Robinson

>Russell Ward founded RW INNOVATION in 2008 to provide ingredient suppliers and consumer goods producers with the technical expertise and market insight necessary for successful product innovation. His work is focused on defining and applying best practices to speed-up innovation and to get winning products to market more quickly. He has successfully applied this approach for numerous clients across a wide range of different product applications. Russell is also a Managing Partner at Giract, the leading transnational ingredients consultancy headquartered in Geneva and an Associate of Bridge2Food.

PhD in physical chemistry and post-doctoral research followed by leading roles in product innovation with major multinational food/beverage and household product manufacturers: Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Danone, and Jacob Douwe Egberts. Russell has experience of projects throughout Europe, in Russia, Turkey, the Middle-East and China. He works in English, French and Dutch

>Graham Robinson is a Research Executive, and joined Giract at the beginning of 2017. He works in all business areas of the company and covers Giract’s key research pillars: proteins, savory ingredients, starches and derivatives, and fibres and hydrocolloids. Originally from the UK, Graham is a biochemist by training, and has spent 10 years working in research laboratories, first in Norwich, and then in Cambridge, where he received a PhD in Biochemistry, as well as Geneva, Switzerland.

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About the 14th Plant-Based Foods Summit Europe, 2-4 Oct., Lille (FR)

This Summit is a key and unique opportunity to: Validate, Develop & Execute your Business & Innovation Strategies:

  • What is the opportunity for new plant-based foods from a consumer, retailing, nutrition and food processing point of view?
  • What are the future directions for new plant-protein ingredients from a user, supply, food, processing, sustainability, and value chain perspective?

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