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New food challenge for meat-free starting in the Netherlands

According to the Dutch Minister for Economic Affairs Van Dam: “Consumers want healthier eating:… Less meat, more vegetables. This requires good and healthy food in addition produced in a sustainable way. The Netherlands wants to lead with new products of vegetable proteins The New Food Challenge and I want more new healthy products get in the shops. ” Registration for the New Food Challenge closes on April 30. An independent committee of experts will judge the technical feasibility of the plans but also to opportunities for a successful market introduction. The best proposals will win a feasibility study for a maximum of € 30,000. Subsequently, these entrepreneurs have a half years to develop their plans further and conclude it with a final report. They get the opportunity to submit a bid for the second phase of SBIR. The advisory committee evaluates these plans again. Approximately five initiatives of this group of entrepreneurs can qualify for a follow-up mission of up to € 250,000. It is intended that the new food products after the end of the SBIR range quickly come on the market. See: (translate via google)