New communication strategies for protein foods revealed at 9th Protein Summit

The 9th Protein Summit 2016 in Lille featured professionals from research institutes, retail, manufacturing, food processing and venture capitalists sharing their expertise and insights on how to build a great communication strategy for proteins foods.

It is about understanding the consumers, having a clear message on the benefit for the consumer and then making the right choices in the communication strategy. Speakers from GEPV, GfK, Watch Me Think, Nestle, Wageningen University, INRA, Mintel, The Brand Incubator, Nutrikeo and the Wheyhey company shared their insights, experiences and business cases.

Getting access to their experience is easy.  The extensive range of 40 presentations is now available to buy to support the development of your protein consumer, market and business strategies and innovation strategies.

Other key presentations were given by Auchan, Soylent, Unilever, Gold & Green Foods, GoodBite, The Magic Candy Factory, Fresh Fitness Foods, New Protein Capital, Munich Venture Capitall, Scitec Nutrition, Alver, Algama, Functional Food Coatings and many others.