Muscle Health: a Reason-to-Believe for Active Consumers

Barbells isolated on white background

From our media partner Nutraceutical Business Review:

As sports nutrition evolves, two markets have emerged to better reflect the goals of the wider consumer landscape. At the heart of this market trend is protein, but there is a need to broaden its appeal beyond muscle recovery and growth to realise its full potential.

The principles of sports nutrition continue to attract a wider set of consumers. How this manifests itself in products that are relevant to new and current users remains to be seen. Certainly, it will require an updated approach to the category. Nick Morgan of Sports Integrated, working with whey protein supplier Volac, notes: “Normalisation or mainstreaming, is without doubt the most important market shift in the history of sports nutrition.”

“While sports nutrition suppliers look to adapt their products to more sports and exercise enthusiasts, it’s important to recognise that there has been a boom in high protein products in health and wellness that has created a huge blur between markets and is really challenging the traditional concept of sports nutrition,” he adds.

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