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Meat-free company Ojah (Netherlands) sold to investor Korys (Belgium)

Last month, A group of Dutch venture capital firms sold Ojah to Korys, the investment arm of the owners of a Belgian supermarket chain. Korys, the investment arm of the Colruyt family, which owns one of Beligum’s biggest discount supermarket chains, acquired Ojah for an undisclosed amount. Based in Holland, Ojah produces textured meat alternatives from plants. It markets its products under the brand names Beeter and Plenti in the domestic and international markets respectively. Ojah’s products are gluten-free, 100% plant-based and non-GMO. They are also low in fat and salt, high in fiber, and contain 0% cholesterol, according to a press release. Ojah first launched its products in 2010, opened its own production facility in October 2011 and won the award for most innovative SME in the Netherlands in 2012. Korys, alongside the management of Ojah, is buying the company from the existing shareholders including Dutch venture capital firms PPM Oost, StartGreen Capital, and Holland Food Ventures. The investors held their stake in the business since 2010, according to the press release.