Network and Learn about New Opportunities in the Market. Food Proteins Course – Urlik Madsen (DuPont)

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Urlik Madsen, Application Specialist Meal Solutions (Meat-Free/Plant-based solutions) at DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences,  shares his experience at the Food Proteins Course Europe 2019: “It was a very interesting opportunity to network and also to learn about new opportunities in the market regarding ingredients. There was a good balance between practical sessions and also presentations”.

Take a look at the highlights of our past edition of the Food Proteins Course in Bunnik!

Join this Unique Course and Learn more about  Animal & Plant Proteins, its  Properties, Functionalities & Applications.

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About the 15th Food Proteins Course North America 2020, 15-17 July 2020, Chicago (USA) (Combine with IFT!)

The Course “Food Proteins: Properties, Functionalities & Applications” is designed to give participants a theoretical and practical overview of vegetable and animal proteins currently available for food applications and to provide hands-on information about their properties and functionalities.

This course is designed for all who are active in the food industry and who want to learn more about the properties, functionalities, and applications of a broad range of plant-based and animal-based proteins, and who want to obtain hands-on know-how and know-why. For instance, managers involved in:

  • Application Development
  • Product Development
  • New Business Development
  • Research & Development
  • Technical Service

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