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Just 8 days to save $400 on unique 12th Food Protein Course 2017 (Las Vegas USA)

Register before May 26 to save $400 on the 12th Food Protein Course 2017 happening this June, in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA). Why not combine with a visit to the IFT?

This specialist course: Food Proteins: Properties, Functionalities & Applications will give a fantastic theoretical and practical overview of 10 new vegetable & animal proteins for food applications and will provide hands-on information about their properties and functionalities.

The highly successful Food Protein Course is being run for the 12th time in the USA. The proven format of the course provides a unique combination of lectures and hands-on experience.

The combination of theoretical lectures by leading industry professionals on protein functionality, nutrition, digestibility, hydrolysis combined with combined with practical hands-on experience, is unique. After the 3 days, all delegates will have seen, touched and smelled the different proteins, experienced in model systems and final applications. For more information click here.
Meet industry experts on:

Soy – Dupont Nutrition & Health / Potato – Avebe Solanic / 
Canola – DSM / Pulses – Ingredion / Lentein – Barentz / 
Whey – Milk Specialties Global / MPC & MCI – Milk Specialties Global / 
Gelatin & Collagen Hydrolysates – Rousselot / Egg Albumin – Rembrandt Foods

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Reasons to attend

  1. Find the latest innovations in food protein development
  2. Learn the relationship between properties, functionalities and applications
  3. Understand the reasons for the preference of certain proteins in applications
  4. Learn about new protein innovations in texture & taste
  5. Update yourself on key strengths of the various proteins
  6. Explore new protein application developments
  7. Enjoy, feel, and taste food proteins in applications

Download the brochure here!