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INVEJA: vegetal experience for the food industry


INVEJA SAS is a French company created last Summer from the merger of LIVRAC, a blending facility specialized in grains and food ingredients and LUP’INGREDIENTS the European leader of nutrifunctional ingredients from sweet lupin. The team will continue to develop 100% plant ingredients enabling it to respond to the new trends in consumption: well-being, rich in protein, and rich in fibre…

INVEJA, a company rooted in the earth

INVEJA (11.4 million turnover) is carried by two shareholders: the cooperative group TERRENA, committed to an ambitious, forward-looking strategic project: La Nouvelle Agriculture® and SOFIPROTEOL, long-term financial partner serving the competitiveness of the farming sector. An important part of the supply of INVEJA will be provided by the farmer members of TERRENA in an approach of full integration – from the seed to the ingredients. The successful experience of 20 years in the development of the lupin sector may serve as a reference for the potential deployment of other plant productions on the territory of TERRENA. The ambition is to become a European player in a context of global demand for vegetable protein, driven by the second nutritional transition of the countries of North America and Western Europe.

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