Introducing Superior Dispersing Protein for Dry Blended Beverages from DuPont Nutrition and Health

SUPRO® XT 221D Isolated soy protein – the latest innovation from DuPont Nutrition & Health – takes just 9 seconds to disperse completely in water and is nominated for the Most Novel Ingredient Category of Bridge2Food’s 2016 Protein Awards.

Powder dispersibility is important to consumers. Comments such as “hard to stir in” and “lumps” are among the most common complaints heard from consumers of high-protein powdered beverages. While many ingredients can impact this, choosing the right protein is critical to optimizing dispersibility in a high-protein beverage.

SUPRO® XT 221D offers the opportunity to improve dispersibility , delivers excellent flavour and makes brands more appealing to consumers. Plus, it comes with all the nutritional advantages of soy protein, delivering high-quality, plant-based protein, backed by years of clinical research demonstrating unique health benefits.

SUPRO® XT 221D also has excellent flow characteristics – a 50 percent improvement overall compared to DuPont’s previous best-flowing technology. Flowability characteristics of proteins can have a significant impact on can-fill rates. Those with faster, more consistent flow rates, like SUPRO® XT 221D, offer the potential to improve plant efficiencies.

High-protein dairy proteins, such as whey protein isolate, milk protein concentrate or caseinate, are often susceptible to price and supply volatility. Soy proteins, including SUPRO® XT 221D Soy Protein, provide economic, nutritional and functional alternatives.