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Innovation Celebrated as Protein Award Winners Announced

Innovations in the protein industry were rewarded as the winners of Bridge2Food’s first Protein Awards were announced at 9th Protein Summit (19-21 September, Lille).

pulledoatspackshots-psBest New Protein Food was awarded to Gold&Green Foods  for Pulled Oats – a ‘perfect protein food’ that is 100% plant based and ecologically produced. It has a superior amino acid profile, more protein than chicken breast, a meat-like texture and delicious juicy taste.

Judge, Claire Nuttall, Founder of Brand Incubator said: “Gold&Green Foods has created a unique and tasty product which is high in both protein and fibre.  The whole proposition stood out for the judges, as a well-designed, articulated and unique new launch. Fantastic they have achieved such a great balance of taste, texture and healthfulness in such a mainstream product range.  I am sure it will be a big success as a healthy source of protein for anyone looking for a plant based, meat alternative.”

Dr Reetta Kivelä, CTO of Gold&Green Foods said: “Pulled Oats were developed because we wanted to contribute to the climate challenges with our skillset. We highly appreciate the warm wording of the jury, that encourage us to follow our visions to change the world. Consumers have shown Pulled Oats were deeply missed before its birth, and we are delighted to see that the jury found the uniqueness of Pulled Oats and sees its global potential.”


Alan Shaw, CEO Calysta – Teeside opening

Most Disruptive Innovation Award was won by Calysta for Feedkind Protein – a proprietary new fish and animal feed ingredient targeted at replacing fishmeal. Produced using the world’s only commercially validated gas fermentation process, Feedkind Protein is a natural, traceable and safe non-animal source of protein. Calysta has just announced the opening of a state of the art facility in Teeside, UK, to manufacture sample quantities of FeedKind Protein.

Judge, Dr Anne Wagner, Corporate Research and Development Director of Tereos said: “The judges had a really hard time deciding from all the entries and really good innovations. We felt we needed to award an innovation which is truly disruptive both from a technological point of view and also one that identifies alternative sources of protein to meet the protein demands of a growing population.”

Dr. Alan Shaw, Calysta President and CEO, said: “We’re extremely pleased to have achieved this global accolade that recognises our preparatory technology as a game-changing innovation. With FeedKind, Calysta has an exciting opportunity to offer traceable and safe protein that will sustainably igvhelp feed the world for decades to come.”

Most Novel Ingredient award was won by  IGV GmbH  for its Vegetal Flakes. The pea-protein extrudates – ProteinFLAKES, ProteinCRISPIES and ProteinNUGGETS are ingredients for various end-product industries. IGV has complemented its pea-based protein ingredients with tailored amino acids to offer a complete protein product for different consumer groups.

Judge, Dr Cindy Gerhardt, Director of Operations, DSM Biotechnology Centre said: “The judges unanimously voted for IGV GmbH. The Vegetal Flakes combine strong consumer benefits with innovative protein processing technology which is of great benefit to food manufacturers.”

“Winning the Most Novel Protein Ingredient Award is the recognition of the concerted effort of our highly motivated expert team in providing the world with affordable, tasty, and complete vegetal protein alternatives for the daily food consumption of all consumer categories. We are looking forward to work with everyone, for a healthy future.” János-István Petrusán Drs., Head of R&D and Product Management, IGV GmbH Germany.

The winners were announced at  9th Protein Summit (19-21 September, Lille, France) which brought together experts from around the world to share their visions and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the global proteins world.

The Expert Judging Panel:

Best New Protein Food
  • Claire Nuttall, Founder, The Brand Incubator
  • Pat Robinson, Business Development Manager, CircleUp (USA)
  • Sam Waterfall – Senior Consultant, The Healthy Marketing Team Ltd (UK)
  • Roger Gilbert, Managing Director, Perendale Publishing (UK)
  • Juliette De Perthuis, Consultant, NUTRIKEO
Most Disruptive Innovation
  • Dr Anne Wagner, Corporate Research & Development Director, Tereos (France)
  • Dr. Volker Heinz, Managing Director, DIL (Germany)
  • Dr. Rickey Yada – Professor, Land & Food Systems University of British Columbia (Canada)
  • Dr Kees de Gooijer – TKI Agri & Food (Netherlands)
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard van Lengerich, Seeding the Future Foundation
Most Novel Ingredient
  • Dr. Cindy Gerhardt, COO Biotechnology Centre, DSM (The Netherlands)
  • Mike Velings, co-Founder, Aqua-Spark
  • Johan De Coninck – Business Development Manager, IAR (France)
  • Dr Stacy Pyett, Business Development Manager, NIZO (Netherlands)
  • Greg Bonnefin, Group Director, Newly Weds Foods (Thailand)

The finalists for each category were:

Best New Protein Food – awarded to a truly innovative product that has introduced a new concept, offered real value and had a significant market impact.

  • Whey 20 from Science in Sport
  • Plenti Cereal from General Mills Inc

Most Disruptive Innovation – awarded to a truly disruptive innovation that has changed the market for a better food world.

  • Cicerette from Mareve
  • U-Loop technology from Unibio A/S

Most Novel Ingredient celebrates new protein ingredients that are truly innovative and offered measurable benefits for manufacturers and consumers.

  • Mankai from Hinoman
  • GreenFood Quinoa from GreenFood 50