Ingredion invests in foodtech chickpea company InnovoPro

Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to the food and beverage industries, announced today, the day before World Pulses Day 2022, a new equity investment in InnovoPro, a leading foodtech chickpea solutions company.

“We believe this investment will unlock huge consumer appeal for chickpea protein concentrates. InnovoPro has a strong portfolio of chickpea solutions and we are excited about the potential for the new applications that this will enable for our customers by capitalizing on the trends shaping the food industry,” said Michael Natale, global leader of Ingredion’s plant-based protein platform. “InnovoPro is a recognized innovator in the food industry and together, we are poised to breakthrough with great tasting and functional chickpea solutions.”

InnovoPro offers chickpea protein products that are sustainable, clean label and provide neutral taste while preserving nutritional value, functionality and desirable texture. InnovoPro is targeting the global protein ingredients market which is searching for new opportunities for providing alternative and more sustainable protein-rich products.

“We are looking forward to this great partnership with Ingredion,” said Taly Nechushtan, chief executive officer of InnovoPro. “In the years ahead, we intend to significantly increase our growth trajectory as we are transforming to a platform of chickpea ingredients. Based on our unique chickpea protein, we now offer a variety of solutions that allow us to expand from dairy alternatives to additional markets, such as meat analogues, egg replacers, and more, to inspire consumers with healthier and tastier solutions.”

As manufacturers explore pulse-based plant proteins to bring the appeal of health, nutrition, and sustainability to their brands, chickpea provides advantaged solutions to the market. A recent Ingredion proprietary consumer research study showed that chickpea ranked highly for awareness and perceived healthiness. Chickpeas functional characteristics, such as water and fat binding, also help manufacturers to create a desirable, rich mouthfeel. Its neutral taste also enables its use in many applications.

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