ULTIMATE™ C-Milling is good for ingredient makers and good for the planet

With ULTIMATE™ C-Milling, IMPROVE offers the ultimate technology for dry fractionation with a protein yield extraction improved by five per cent, 20 to 50 per cent less damaged starch, up to 40 per cent energy savings and a maintenance cost divided by two versus other commercially available technologies.

ULTIMATE™ C-Milling, co-developed with POITTEMILL, is good for plant-based protein ingredients’ makers and good for the planet and for the people.


Denis CHEREAU, CEO of Improve, and Jean-François Marechal, Managing Director at Poittemill, will be giving a presentation at Bridge2Food‘s Plant-Based Foods & Protein’s Summit Europe, on “How Can Capturing Plant-Proteins 2.0 Contribute to Affordability & Sustainability?”

Summit Europe, 21-23 June in the Netherlands, information here.

Summit program here.

Summit registration here.



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