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IGV Cereal institute going for new protein flakes

IGV has received funding from H2020 through ProVegFlake Project (SME Instrument-719783). The basic idea was to establish within our production programme a relatively low base depth – consisting of a maximum of 3 to 4 basic protein products similar to a modular principle. The ProteinFLAKES can be used for mueslis as well as in the meat surrogates. At the end, you have the final products “high-protein-muesli” or “roasted meatballs”, “Burger-Patty”, “cooked meatballs” or readily prepared premix for home cooking meatballs. They may be used also in the milk industry in the yoghurt segment, as cereal substitutes. The main characteristics of the products are: pea protein based, absolutely vegan, allergen-free, free of GMO, gluten-free, good digestion (low ATI content due to extrusion technology), full meat substitute with higher biological value than whey protein, nutritional claim: „high protein content“, according to EC (No.) 1924/2006). Contact Dr. János-István Petrusán, Head of Research and Product Management at IVG for more information.

IGV received an important award: „Brandenburg innovation award FOOD INDUSTRY in 2016“ Seeäger-2016.html.