How to Produce High-Quality Proteins with Optimum Functionality

In the past, consumers accepted a bland taste and a long list of ingredients in their plant-based products. Today their expectations are much higher; many desire “better for you” products with functional properties and better flavor, putting pressure on manufacturers to not only build the protein base but to format and flavor it as well.

For example, plant proteins often bring bitterness, making taste modulators an often-necessary addition. They can also be gritty or crumbly, creating a need for ingredients that create smoother and more cohesive formulations.

The production process must minimize potential denaturation effects and prevent contamination to both preserve natural functional properties and meet consumers’ expectations.

  • How manufacturers currently produce plant-based proteins
  • What you can do to improve your current process to ensure higher-quality products
  • What solutions are available to support your plant-based protein production

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June 22 – Track I – State of the Pulse Industry & Canadian EcoSystem
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June 26 – Track VI – Plant-Based Foods Industry & Value Chain

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