Interested in Growing your Start-Up? Join the Plant-Based Start-Ups & VC Summit!

If you are interested in growing your start-up and increasing your chances of finding potential business partners and investors, joining the Plant-Based Start-Ups & VC Summit will be a great opportunity! This summit will take place within the framework of the 14th Plant-Based Foods Summit Europe 2019, 2-4 October in Lille, France.

The Plant-Based Start-Ups & VC Summit creates:
1. A New Platform for the Plant-Based Food Start-Ups & VC’s
2. New Collaboration & Financing Opportunities
3. New Promotion Opportunities for Plant-Based Food Start-Ups

Your Summit Take-Homes: 5 Strategies for Winning Business Concepts
#1 New Market Demand Drivers
#2 Focus areas for Investment: the VC perspective vs the Start-up perspective
#3 Corporate Venturing and collaboration
#4 Food&AgTech eco-systems to facilitate collaboration and drive innovation
#5 Building New value Chains

Your Benefits:
1. The Best Networking & Collaboration Opportunities
2. Network with C-level Business & Financing Leaders
3. Gain from New Business, Markets, and Financing Chains

C-Leaders from Start-ups, Food Brands, Food Manufacturing, Food Ingredient, Process Technology Brands, Venture Capitalists, Private Equity.

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Furthermore, if you are developing innovations in the field of plant-based proteins, you can apply for the European Plant-Based Proteins Awards for Start-Ups organized by Le Village by CA. Award Winners get a free entry ticket to the 14th Plant-Based Foods Summit 2019! More info HERE

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About the 14th Plant-Based Foods Summit (2-4 October, Lille, France)
Fantastic plant-based foods networking platform
Target audience: Food Industry, Protein Ingredients, Technology & Research
5-in-1 Summit:
– Meat-Free Summit – Winning Consumer Products
– Dairy-Free Summit –  Winning Consumer Categories
– Plant Protein Purchasing Summit – Winning Value Chains
– New Plant-Protein Ingredients Summit – Winning New Propositions
– Plant-Based Start-Ups & VC Summit – Winning Business Concepts
Participation: 500+ experts. Exhibition: 50 places.

This unique Summit will enable brands to validate their strategies and develop new opportunities with key partners, retailers, food service channels, food brands, food ingredients companies, processing technology companies, and research leaders.

The Key Business Questions are:

– What is the opportunity for new plant-based foods from a consumer, retailing, nutrition and food processing point of view?

– Which are future directions for new plant-protein ingredients from a user, supply, food, processing, sustainability, and value chain perspective?

Top 5 Plant-Based Foods Summit Objectives

Join this unique Summit and capitalize on below fantastic opportunities to advance and accelerate for a better food world.

1. Growing the best Industry Platform for the Plant-Based Foods industry in Europe
2. Enabling (Plant-Based) Food, Food Ingredient Companies, and all players to validate business strategies with best-in-class market and business insights
3. Be the best place for business, project development & project calls in plant-based foods
4. Assisting SME companies with route to market and market access & defining the gaps for business
5. Growing the global Plant-Based Foods Ecosystem for business and innovation