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Gold&Green Foods chilled Pulled Oats wins Best New Protein Food Award

Pulled Oats won the Best New Protein Food Award during the Awards night of the Bridge2Food Protein Summit 2016. Dr. Reetta Kivelä – Gold&Green Foods said “Pulled Oats were developed because we wanted to contribute to the climate challenges with our skillset. We highly appreciate the warm wording of the jury, that encourage us to follow our visions to change the world.”

Perfect Protein Food – 100% Plant based ‘Pulled Oats’ from Gold&Green Foods
Pulled Oats from Gold&Green Foods provides a “perfect protein food” that is 100% plant-based, nutritionally complete and ecologically produced. It has patented a platform of totally new kind of plant protein food that hits the crossroads of three big megatrends: plant based lifestyle, protein boom and natural boom. It also has and has a superior amino-acid profile, more protein than chicken breast, an excellent taste and mouthfeel and most importantly, an easy and straightforward user interface. The meat-like fibrous texture and delicious, juicy taste of pulled oats beats soya and gluten-based products. There is no elasticity and bitterness, it contains about 30% of protein, extremely high in category of fresh meat alternatives, a good amount of oat fibre, beta-glucan, that has many proven health effects.

Pulled oats is a high-protein main dish component which texture reminds of pulled pork, is easy to approach and use in various dishes. Pulled oats comes in three different taste variations, which makes it possible for consumers to reduce meat in everyday life in an easy and straightforward way.

Judge, Claire Nuttall, Founder of Brand Incubator said; “Gold&Green has created a unique and tasty product which is high in both protein and fibre. The whole proposition stood out for the judges, as a well-designed, articulated and unique new launch. Fantastic they have achieved such a great balance of taste, texture and healthfulness in such a mainstream product range. I am sure it will be a big success as a healthy source of protein for anyone looking for a plant based, meat alternative.”