Plant-Based Foods & Proteins EcoSystem Partner: Lana Zivanovic of InnovoPro

We are very pleased to introduce you to Lana Zivanovic, CSO with InnovoPro, a valuable new partner of the Plant-Based Foods & Protein Ecosystem. We asked Lana a few questions about her partnership with the EcoSystem and InnovoPro’s role in the protein transition.

Can you give a short description of your organisation?

We are a food-tech company specializing in chickpea ingredients, enabling the creation of tasty plant-based food solutions and inspiring healthier food choices worldwide.

How did you hear about the EcoSystem?

We were familiar with Bridge2Food activities through your presence on LinkedIn, attending your virtual summits, and interacting at protein conferences. We are happy to be a part of the EcoSystem and are looking forward to collaborations with its members. Our goal is to work with our peers towards solving common challenges in area of regulations, analytical methodology, sustainability tracking, etc., and with our customers — to learn their needs and roadblocks and provide innovative solutions in clean-label product development.

What is the main challenge for the world in relation to the protein transition?

Although great strides have already been achieved in the development of alternative proteins, the areas where additional progress is still needed include regulations, availability of data from nutritional studies, investment in scaled-up production, and development of clean-label (limited ingredients) products.

What kind of role in the transition would your organisation like to fulfill?

We are committed to enabling a new generation of clean-label products by utilizing new functional ingredients.

About the EcoSystem
More than 300 industry leaders from 110 organisations have partnered since 2019 in the Plant-Based Foods EcoSystem to accelerate the transition towards a more plant-based diet, with better foods, produced in a sustainable way, as well as increase food security with an abundant supply of proteins for food, feed and pet food markets.

Innovation, research & development leaders from food brands, ingredient & processing companies, institutes, universities, grower associations and breeders collaborate on such a future with concrete actions, deliverables and outcomes. To be involved in the EcoSystem and to join our meetings, you can register here. To get all details on the EcoSystem, you can check out this page.