Global Plant-Based Foods EcoSystem 2021

As a difficult year for us, all draws to a close and we look ahead to better times in 2021, it is time to celebrate and share our success of the past year. Together the 100+ partners in the Plant-Based Foods Ecosystem have made major steps towards our shared objective of generating public/private partnerships to a value of €1 billion by 2025.

We have several projects underway and are actively working on the roadmaps for meat-free, dairy-free, nutrition, and new protein sources. A worthwhile contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We are very grateful for all the energy and time that all partners have put into the EcoSystem to assist in making a swift transition towards better plant-based foods and a protein transition. We are confident that the Ecosystem will continue to grow and thrive in 2021 and that next year we will be able to increase both our contribution to creating a better plant-based food world and to helping those most in need.

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