GFI reports show 2021 most active year yet for alt-protein industry

The latest state-of-the-Industry reports from The Good Food Institute on plant-based, cultivated, fermentation and alternative seafood show that 2021 was the most active year yet for the alt-protein industry.

You can learn more from GFI’s Priera Panescu, PhD, who will be speaking at our Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit Americas in Chicago May 10-12. Panescu will be doing a deep dive into the production requirements needed to meet this growing demand for alternative proteins.

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Plant-Based Facts:

$1.93B raised by plant-based meat, seafood, egg, and dairy companies in 2021, 30% of all-time investment. 

$7.4B value of the U.S. plant-based retail market in 2021.

780+ companies worldwide with primary focus on plant-based meat, seafood, egg, or dairy.

Fermentation Facts:

88 fermentation companies are focused exclusively or predominantly on alternative proteins.

$1.69B was raised by dedicated alternative protein fermentation companies in 2021, up 285% from 2020, representing 60% of all-time investment.

25 countries have at least one company focused primarily on fermentation for alternative protein applications. 

Cultivated Facts:

$1.38B raised by cultivated meat companies in 2021—71 percent of the all-time investment total.

107 total cultivated meat and seafood industry startups announced by end of 2021, up 32% from 2020. 

25 countries have at least one cultivated meat company.

Alternative seafood:

$175M was raised globally by alternative seafood companies in 2021, a 92% increase from 2020.

$13.9M was the value of the U.S. plant-based seafood retail market in 2021, a 14% increase from 2020. 

120 companies around the world produce alternative seafood.