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Firmenich Ltd Wins Most Novel Ingredient Award







Firmenich Ltd was awarded Most Novel Ingredient in the 2017 Bridge2Food Sports & Active Nutrition Awards, for its range of ‘Protein Shield Flavours’ designed to mask the bitter and astringent notes of protein whilst enhancing the desirable sensory characteristics of flavour. The natural, dairy free range was developed using Firmenich’s ‘captive protein masking technology’ and delivers a smooth and clean taste profile and effectively masks the undesirable flavour notes of functional ingredients.

Colinda Hoegee, MD of Holland & Barrett, Benelux said, “The judges felt that Firmenich’s range of Protein Shield Flavours developed with extensive sensory testing, represents a key innovation, and significant market opportunity. As the demand for alternative protein products increases, the ability to not only mask the taste and texture of protein but to enhance its taste is a real breakthrough.”

Gerard Klein Essink with Sarah Battledore, Firmenich Ltd and Colinda Hoeggee, MD, Holland & Barrett Benelux









Sarah Battledore, Firmenich Ltd said, “We are very proud to have won this award. We knew we were onto something good when we developed ‘Protein Shield’ range of flavours and we are pleased to have been recognised by winning this very prestigious award.”

Protein Shield Flavors offer a significant taste advantage over other standard flavors.  They have been specifically developed to mask the taste of the intrinsic bitterness, astringency and dry mouthfeel of a number of different sources of proteins, whilst also enhancing the overall flavor profile.

The Protein Shield range of flavors has made a significant impact on radically improving the overall taste of protein containing products.  Whether masking the off-notes in a neutral protein base through to flavored protein shakes; having better tasting protein products makes them more acceptable in taste to all consumers.”

Gerard Klein Essink of Bridge2Food said “These are exciting times in the sports & active nutrition industry with the increasing trend towards targeting active mainstream consumers. Our awards recognise and showcase the entrepreneurs and companies that are leading the way and the winners suggest that the future is very bright for our industry.

The expert panel of judges was:

  • Colinda Hoegee – MD, Holland & Barrett Benelux
  • Claire Nuttall – Founder of The Brand Incubator
  • Robert Walker – CEO Voff Science
  • Pieter- Paul Verheggen – CEO of Motivaction
  • Asker Jeukendrup – director, Mysportscience

The winners were announced at the 7th Sports & Active Nutrition Summit 2017  in the Netherlands. Europe’s leading Active Nutrition Summit brought together leading professionals from around the world to share new innovations, insights and developments in the Industry.