Developing Innovative Plant-based Food and Beverages with Natural Ingredients

Rene Krebs, Head of Business Unit Cereals, Nuts & Pulses at Döhler Group, will be presenting an interesting talk on “How to Meet Evolving Client Expectations in Plant-based Nutritionat the Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit Europe on 11 June. 

Rene will provide a market overview, and will discuss how nutrition is raising – eg Protein content in terms of nutrition and functionality and what Döhler has to offer.

Döhler offers natural ingredient solutions for a wide range of applications. What kind of solutions do you offer for the development of plant-based products?

With more and more consumers switching to a plant-based diet, alternatives to dairy products are booming, and plant-based applications are key success products on markets. Döhler provides natural ingredients for a wide range of applications that taste just as good to consumers as familiar foods based on milk or animal ingredients. The company’s profile includes plant-based ingredients for natural and multi-sensory flavors and colors, powders, botanical extracts, and an extensive selection of herbs and spices, offering the ideal basis for developing numerous plant-based applications.

Consumers demand food and beverages that not only deliver good taste and sustainable production but also added value for the body and mind. Numerous functional and healthy ingredients, such as plant-based proteins, powders, nuts, and seeds, can be used in food and beverages to meet this requirement. Hence, functional ingredients are an essential growth driver because they provide healthy added value through various nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, or secondary plant substances. This makes them an optimal substitute or an optimal food supplement.

Döhler offers a wide range of functional and health-promoting ingredients that are the ideal basis for developing innovative and plant-based food and beverages. Döhler extracts the vegetable proteins and protein mixtures from beans, peas, and chickpeas. Thanks to the flavor technology and to the unique production process, they provide advanced sensory properties to the final application (no bitterness / no astringency).

Alternative plant-based products have gained significantly in quality in recent years and are convincing in terms of taste, color, and texture. What role do functional ingredients play in this development?

In accordance with the motto “You are what you eat”, nutrition today is a major component of individual lifestyles, in which the topics of sustainability, naturalness, and plant-based nutrition play an increasingly important role. In this context, functional ingredients are a significant growth driver, as they provide healthy added value through a wide range of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, or secondary plant substances. This makes them an optimal replacement or supplement. On this basis, plant-based products can be developed that not only convince in terms of taste but also score points with an optimized nutritional value profile.

Protein enrichment is one of the most important claims in the development of plant-based alternative products. Plant-based milk alternatives are more in demand than ever. Compared to animal milk, however, they contain less protein, vitamins, and minerals. The enrichment with a high-quality protein mixture serves as a plant calcium and iodine source.

Döhler offers a large selection of functional and health-promoting ingredients, which are the optimal basis for the development of innovative and plant-based beverages and foods. These include plant-based proteins and BCAAs (branched-chained amino acids), vitamins, botanical extracts, and fiber.

What differences do you see in the demand for ingredients for plant-based products in the various global markets?

Plant alternatives have now established themselves on the market across all product categories. In almost every European country as well as in the USA and Asia a clear trend towards a plant-based diet can be seen. A broad consumer base and the increasing number of product launches in this area are indications that demand will continue to rise in the future. Forecasts even predict a global increase of almost 14 percent in plant-based foods and beverages by 2024. A worldwide comparison shows that the demand for plant-based solutions based on almonds or oats is continuously increasing, particularly in Europe and North America, while in the Asian market, products containing soy are particularly popular with consumers.

The interest in plant-based foods and beverages is also reflected in the fact that considerable investments have been made in this sector in recent years. In this context, many start-ups have also found their way into the market and increasingly offer plant-based alternatives to traditional products.

Thanks to its extensive portfolio of natural ingredients, Döhler offers innovative solutions for the industry that meet the taste preferences of consumers around the world.

Which proteins will increasingly form the basis for new product developments in the field of plant-based alternatives?

Thanks to vertical integration, Döhler offers the food and beverage industry a comprehensive portfolio of natural and high-quality plant-based ingredients. This includes a wide range of plant-based protein blends and solutions with optimized nutritional value and improved taste profiles. Our protein solutions contain a natural starch content for high natural functionality. In addition, they are characterized by advanced sensory properties (no bitterness/no astringency) thanks to our aroma technology and unique production process.

Döhler extracts the plant-based proteins and protein mixtures from beans, peas, and chickpeas. Here we see an increasing demand for chickpea protein as well as a combination of different plant-based proteins. These are particularly in demand for novel applications such as “plant-based cheese”, as they not only serve as flavoring components but also contribute to improved texture and nutritional value. Textured plant-based proteins from peas and beans, for example, are suitable for plant-based meat alternatives.


About the Speakers 

Rene Krebs has more than 30 years of experience in the food industry. After his Master’s degree in Dairy Technology, he has worked in various roles for Hoechst AG before moving on to Döhler as Executive Director Sales EAME. Since 2017, he has been leading the Business Unit Cereals, Nuts & Pulses at Döhler.



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