Custom solutions to meet your sustainability processing goals

Dedert Corporation Evaporator for pea solublesSustainability is a cornerstone in the shift to alternative proteins and plant-based ingredients. Dedert Corporation can help clients meet their sustainability goals while achieving all operational requirements.

They understand how sustainable design and process customization are connected. With more than 50 years of experience, they have seen first-hand how process technologies can remain entrenched in traditional applications while market-demand evolves to new expectations. Dedert’s customer-centric and collaborative approach offers the opportunity to innovate new system solutions to match their clients’ sustainability values and operational requirements.

Concepts for energy-recovery, process water recovery and other considerations are developed in-house or in partnership with other like-minded suppliers through process integration.

Learn more about sustainable collaboration and customization with Dedert at Bridge2Food‘s Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit Americas (May 10-12) in Chicago.

On May 12, Gregory See Hoye, market manager for Dedert, will give a presentation at the summit entitled “Taking Efficient Drying Processes to the Next Level.”

He will also be part of a panel discussion that day on the Future of Pulse Processing.


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