Custom solutions offered as Poittemill expands to 3 more countries

Poittemill doesn’t just supply leading-edge equipment. The family-run company provides custom solutions for its customers in plant-protein processing.

Poittemill IndustrialWith 90 years of engineering experience, Poittemill can adapt its proven technologies to the different needs and requirements of its customers to develop innovative solutions in fine-grinding and powder processing from the laboratory up to industrial scale.

This year is a particularly exciting one as the company expands its plant-based operations with new facilities in Canada, Spain and Bulgaria. The three facilities are expected to be operational by summer.

Learn more and meet the team at Bridge2Food‘s Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit Europe (21-23 June) in the Netherlands.

Jean-François Maréchal, managing director of Poittemill, will be making a presentation at the summit entitled “Integration and Innovation of Sustainable Process Technology Solutions for Plant-Based Ingredients.”

He will also be part of a panel discussion on the future of pulse processing.