Creating Value with Potato Texture Solutions

Meleknur Tüzün, Business Development Manager EMEA, Dairy & Plant-Based Dairy at AVEBE will be presenting the talk “New Texture Solutions for Plant-based Dairy Alternatives” at Track II: New Formulations & Ingredients during the  Virtual 16th Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit Europe 2020 (13-14 October). Meleknur shares her insights on the plant-based dairy market and discusses the benefits of AVEBE´s texture solutions.

What can you tell us about your presentation at the Virtual Summit?

As Avebe, we focus on how can texture systems create value for producers and therefore consumers in today’s emerging plant-based dairy market. As a 100 years old cooperative, thanks to our application know-how and high-performance product portfolio, we are able to provide unique solutions for the industry in terms of easy processing, good taste & mouth-feel, clean(er) labeling. In our presentation, we will go through these topics by showing beautiful videos of our concepts and some hints from our laboratory & pilot plant production processes!

Which were the most common challenges in the creation of plant-based dairy alternatives?

Dairy is a very versatile category with a broad range of textural variety and regional differences. Making it free from dairy is even more challenging, as not all ingredients behave as we used to in a regular dairy reference. For example, manufacturers sometimes face challenges using plant-based ingredients such as poor solubility, off-taste, off-white color, and inferior functionality. Consumers care about texture, taste, and ‘clean labeling’. Therefore it is very important to work with ingredients that are matching the unmet needs of the industry, and potato is one of the most beneficial ingredients in this respect.

How did the texture solution you created tackle these challenges?

Potato is a gift from nature, it is a source of many components. As Avebe, we are committed to creating value from every ingredient in a potato. Working with an ingredient so “rich” and the idea of combining unique benefits from different components in a potato with our expertise, consequently created a texture solution called Perfectasol™. Perfectasol™ consists of specialty potato starch and potato protein, a sustainable and versatile ingredient that offers a wide variety of textures. In plant-based products, it is even best-in-class when it comes to texturizing. It provides the opportunities of being free from allergen labeling, easily fitting to existing processes, texture variety with only “one” product: for example from a plant-based spoonable product to spreads, slices, or shreds. Thanks to Perfectasol™ it is very easy to create new textures and differentiate with recipes on existing processing equipment.

What are the next challenges within the plant-based dairy market AVEBE will focus on?

As Avebe we always follow trends of today and the future, in order to answer the upcoming needs of the industry and to keep exciting our customers with our innovations and application concepts. Lately, we developed a recipe for a plant-based mascarpone alternative with an excellent texture. More and more delicious, healthy, and sustainable recipes are on their way. And all “plant-based”!

How do products with potato texture solutions stand out from all the other plant-based dairy alternatives in the market nowadays?

When it comes to plant-based dairy alternatives, consumers care about a good texture and mouth-feel equal to real dairy, they would like to see more varieties in terms of taste, and most importantly they care about a short and clean ingredient list. Potato as the source of Perfectasol™, matches perfectly these unmet consumer needs, by providing a wide range of texture possibilities, by not masking the different taste experience thanks to being neutral in flavor profile, and being label friendly: free from allergen labeling, free from GM and no E-numbers.

About the Speaker

Meleknur is Business Development Manager for Dairy & Plant-Based Dairy at Avebe U.A. Mel has over 5 years’ experience in texturizing solutions, develops projects, and supports especially dairy and dairy free segments in regions including EMEA. Mel holds a Food Engineering and an Executive-MBA degree from Istanbul Technical University. Mel has 10 years of experience in the food production industry and has been working at Avebe for over 5 years.


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