Continuous, precise measurement maximizes product output

Modern radar level devices ensure reliable measurement independent of process conditions like temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, or mixed gases and steam. The continuous measurement by Krohne enables an automated process that keeps stock levels constantly replenished and maximises product output. As a result, the storage management during the handling of base ingredients can be improved significantly.

In addition, reliable measurements are always a big challenge when it comes to tough, pasty or highly adhesive media. Hygienic level switches can be used as either dry-run or overfill protection. These devices are able to detect foam or even a change in media characteristics. They are easy to clean and the risk of clogging with product is minimised.

Meet the Krohne team and learn more at the Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit in Chicago, May 10-12.

Ryan Kromhout, Manager Global Industry Division Food for Krohne, will be giving a presentation on May 11th entitled “Weight and Measure Inline Without Process Interrupt: Scaling plant-based production from batch type to continuous inline.”

He’ll also be part of a panel discussion that day on tackling the affordability challenge for food & ingredient processing.

Summit program here

Direct link to register here

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