Chereau takes on additional role as CEO of ITERG

Congratulations to Denis Chereau, who is now CEO of GROUPE ITERG in addition to his position as CEO of IMPROVE.

Effective Feb. 1, 2022, the new leadership role allows Chereau to emphasize the strong ambition of both companies’ teams to create value for the entire agriculture value chain by delivering cutting-edge ingredients and process solutions in plant-based ingredients that are good for both people and the planet.

ITERG focuses on the development of fats, vegetable oils and oil co-products. It offers expertise in research and production.

IMPROVE and its unique combination of skills and equipment is dedicated to the development of proteins of the future.

Together, the companies optimize all uses of the fractions, products and co-products of these agri-resources.

Learn more about the solutions offered by ITERG and IMPROVE  at Bridge2Food‘s Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit Americas, May 10-12, 2022, in Chicago.