Bringing new ingredients to the market place. Join the discussion!

Join the discussion on bringing new ingredients to the market place and shaping a new food systems approach. New eco-systems are also needed to improve the quality of existing plant protein ingredients. New applications need to be found for fibres and starches to create a sustainable business model for plant protein ingredient suppliers. How can we develop more sustainable value chains? It is not just about food, but also about creating new markets in pet food, feed, and aquaculture. How and where can the value chain work more closely together? These are the main challenges which are driving the partners, chairs, speakers & delegates at the 12th Plant-Protein Ingredients Summit 2019 North-America, 29-31 May 2019 (Saskatoon, Canada)Download your brochure here 

About the 12th Plant Protein Ingredients Summit

29-31 May 2019, Saskatoon (SK, Canada)

The 12th Plant Protein Ingredients Summit 2019 will focus on:

  • New Plant Protein Ingredients
  • Novel Plant Protein Process Technologies
  • New Plant Protein Applications

Shifting Gears will be more and more important to meet concerns over future food and nutritional security related to protein supply & demand is rapidly rising on the global and European agenda of governments, industries, and agricultural value chains in view of stabilizing crop yields and a fastly growing population.

Growing more plant protein in Canada and North-America is very important from a sustainability, climate and self-sufficiency point of view. The demand for plant protein ingredients is increasing and there are many economic opportunities. Consumers are also seeking more healthy and sustainable diets and they are increasing their plant-based foods intake. And how can we meet the protein needs of 9 billion people in a sustainable, healthy & environmentally friendly way? How can the food industry tap into growing consumer appetites new foods, tastes & plant-based foods? What is the actual potential for plant protein ingredients to move into the mainstream & gain scale to make a larger commercial impact?

Which processing technologies are needed to improve the texture, taste and nutrition of plant protein ingredients? Is there a need for a global protein research agenda? When so, what are the key elements and how can industry and government across the national borders work together. More info

The summit is an excellent opportunity to get new insights for your strategy, to work with your industry peers and to develop new business – Christophe Schmitt, Research Scientist, Nestle